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Over dosed Stability


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First time setting up nano reef. Had eye surgery,thought Stability bybSeachem directions said 1 cupful but was 1 capful.  Finished setting up about 4 hrs and realized my mistake.  Any suggestions what I should do to counter act mistake,water a little milky cloudy?  Thank you for your time!

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Stability is just bottled bacteria and I don't think you can really overdose it. If there is no livestock in the tank yet I would just leave it be. 


From Seachem Stability page on their website:


Can Stability™ be overdosed?

A: It is very hard to overdose Stability. You can really never have too much beneficial bacteria. The worst thing that could happen is a bacterial bloom in the water column, but this is rare and will clear on its own, should it occur.

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