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Rabb.D's 14 gallon rimless reef tank


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Hello its Rab been a long time since I posted, been busy with life glad to be back on here.

take a good look at my tank.

a tank thread of my new nano rimless 14 gallon marine tank, one week old

just to let everyone know I am trying to go the no measurement route, no test kit no nothing, just with an intuitive eye and gut instinct just because its more enjoyable and rewarding this way so wish me the best of luck.

planning on keeping soft corals, but before that the first step is to master algae growth prevention, which means I will be sedating the water, observing, and letting it sit for a few weeks before I do anything else.

and if algae doesn't grow I will move on from there.



blenny lawnmower goby

one flasher wrasse

and three clownfish



eheim 2217

seachem phosguard




AI nero 3



red sea 90



Hailea HS-28a



red sea 1.85 kilo total for 14 gallon

0.13 kilo per gallon



a bottle of starter bacteria







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13 hours ago, debbeach13 said:

Welcome back. The tank looks nice.

I hope you are planning on water changes. 5 fish in 14 gallon will be a maxed out bio load. Any way I wish you years of enjoyment. 

yes thank you, well about the water change I'm giving it to sit and sedate for the time being

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On 9/26/2021 at 10:56 PM, DevilDuck said:

Love the look and the dimensions of the tank!


I'd recommend you rethink your stocking.

I had a flasher wrasse in 3 foot 60 gallon tank. It seemed just enough space. They are very active swimmers. 

it is but I might just get another tank and make a transfer when it grows out the tank

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I'm think if I'm not mistaken actually its been nearly two weeks not one, things are progressing well, after getting the salt ratio right I'm focusing on understanding algae.

and found that the right salt ratio is above the 1.023-1.026. range much past the hydrometer gauge. standing at 0.13kg per gallon

and after nearly two weeks out the diatom bloom has finally come about.

so I added phosguard the week before and also just replaced the prior batch just a minute ago, I used in batches of half a bottle, and stuffed it inside a pencil case mesh.

I also repositioned the powerhead to give better flow throughout the tank.

I hope the diatom goes away

thinking of getting some GFO 

also thinking of adding another bottle of starter bacteria and to purchase some copepods and brine shrimp eggs

though the blenny commuted suicide so RIP, I gather its due to the fact that it was starving. Cruelty...

you might not see the diatom in some of these pics.


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its been maybe near two weeks and still haven't done any water changes, things seem to be going well, but there is a bit of green algae propping up and the diatom as expected is a minor issue.

the lighting is set at 8am to 4pm, due to the fact that the tank is in my room hence as blue light is bad for my eyes, though I suspect if I were to add corals the lighting hours needs to be at 10 to 12 hours per day, but that is much further down the road ahead, and so far the read sea 90 is really good.

I'm going to give my tank in until mid October to let the water sit and sedate before I do anything else and without doing any water changes.

the fishes are doing well so there are no problem there.

and I feed the fish once per day.

though I still haven't gotten the GFO it seems LFS in the area are badly stocked.

you might see some green algae on the rock, besides that the tank is doing well, and is pristine and clear.

and I'm also thinking of getting some clean up crew to help with the algae, maybe some nerite snails and also some carbon.

I'm looking for input on what amount and percentage of algae is acceptable and normal and when it actually finally becomes an issue, and needs to be resolved I'm assuming there is no such thing as a pristine tank with no algae.




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  • 1 month later...

been nearly two months since I did water changes and despite starting up my aquarium in April my two clownfish are still alive and healthy.

so considering that there was still no water changes since two months prior now, and the aquarium is doing well.

now pondering on by what means I could find a way to cycle phosphate

the fishes are healthy and there is not much algae just slight green algae sitting on my rock.

I also left the lights off for two weeks or more just watching the tank sedate and see where it is heading.

and it seems everything is fine.IMG_20211114_085645_408.thumb.jpg.f0aab1bf4f973737edb3d34769fa06d6.jpg


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  • 6 months later...

its been since February 6th and there is not yet any water change.

things are improving there was a cyano outbreak which has now receded though I never had a green hair algae issue except with the previous setup in my room

I have one maroon clownfish and a blue damsel which is a bad mix but they seem to be getting along very well.

I only have a canister filter and a Rea Sea 90 led lighting and I change the filter ever two months or one months,

little else I am topping up water every few days or so and besides that I clean the glass.

hoping this would go well and count as a natural method, with only filtration, and lights with no water change.

seems to be relatively quite successful.

though I still have not mastered the corals fish seem to be very health.

as of right now my tank is in the hall ways upstairs, and seems as pristine as ever. just anticipating the cyano or algae to return. then its another struggle.



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over dosing on starter bacteria seemed to help tremendously, now my tank is nearly pristine clear without water change for four months

dosing with nite out and special bland of Microbe lift.

very happy with my progress


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I dose three quarters a cup of bacteria once a week during the weekend seems to work miracles. 

so will be purchasing corals soon then its another task of gauging and guessing.

hopefully things will go well.

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just purchased a chiller, though for now just a fish only tank with live rock, but now that I have a chiller I will be moving on to corals.

the chiller cost RM 1450.

still no water change and algae is gone and beaten for now. and the fishes are healthy and thriving

below are photos

so I will be moving on to corals YAY!!! 

I will be updating once I have coral, though so far this no water change method of mine seems to be working, wish me the best of luck with corals



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17 hours ago, LazyFish said:

I like the scape in this tank and the dimentions of this set up look great but....maroons can get massive are you planning on moving it when it grows out?

I definitely will but that would be later

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  • 6 months later...

Hello Rabb.d here back into the hobby same dimensions just with a sump and new equipment's, just taking it slow


20230112_162627.thumb.jpg.1f0a28a7627aa7e9efa55ba91f0f3483.jpg 20230112_162401.thumb.jpg.3da92e25983cd3a7f17d2411d606e4e1.jpgtank same 20230112_162314.thumb.jpg.194815da10649a16a9ebe610391e134f.jpg



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11 hours ago, debbeach13 said:

Welcome back!

Hello thank you looking forward to it. Getting it properly done this time around might be purchasing Hannah checker for alkalinity, nitrate and phosphate. 

Also bought a viv overflow 

With a cheap sump but I consider this a budget setup 

Will also change to a shallow sand bed.

And will be getting a nano skimmer... any suggestions please... need help

Just taking it slow 

Will be updating soon

Planning on making it a soft coral tank with goby and clownfish

Refugium light is also on the way

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My refugium light arrived but turns out it's too large 🤭 so will be recycling my old led lights






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Helo everyone I am needing advice on test kits

Most importantly which brand is the best investment and what parameters are most crucial for a successful mixed reef tank 

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