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Cleanup Crew, How many per Gallon?


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I have a JBJ Nanocube. Approximately 12 g empty. I have about 10 lb live rock in it and 5-6 lb of live sand in it.


I was wondering how many cleanup creatures per gallon I need?

I have 4 turbo snails and 4 nassaria snails.





JBJ Nanocube

10 lb LR

5 lb LS

75 w Jabo Egr heater


1 yellow tail damsel

1 lemnalia

1 feather duster

1 green Star polyp

1 brittle sea star (a hitchhiker that came with the LR)

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I've got 10 Astrea snails, 5 blue legged, 5 scarlet hermits in my 10G. I'm going to add an emerald crab and a peppermint shrimp when I get it populated. Right now, there's not enough for everyone to eat.

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Play it buy ear. A smaller snail is not going to eat as much as a huge one...... Different tanks have different bioloads and algae growths. lI only have 4 snails (20g) but they are all fairly big and will start to breed shortly. I have seen a 50g that initially had 5 Turbos, now 2 years later there are 200+.


Just my opinion.

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Check out the learn section of this website. They address this question nicely. According to nano-reef.com, for your tank you should have 6-12 snails and 2-4 crabs and one cleaner shrimp.


I'm going to add at least two more crabs to my nanocube.

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