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shrimp gets out of pico?


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Anyone ever had their shrimp get out of their pico (aquavase, no top)? This morning I went to turn on my pico light, and couldn't find my Periclimenes . So I looked around on the counter, and he was dead there. How did he get out? Is this common? I don't have any kids or animals around the house that could have done it. How do I prevent it in the future?


Poor little guy... I was quite fond of him.

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shrimps may accelerate very fast over small distances by moving all their back legs at once, so he may did this and because of the size of the tank he got out...

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It will happen again... I wouldnt keep much in one of those size tanks...Seems to me that one might be able to make a plastic screen top that would keep him in there. Check around Home depot if your from the states.

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Plastic wrap like the kind you'd wrap sandwiches in works as a temprorary fix. I used it on my aquavase when i got my brittle-star. He was rather suicidal for the first day and a half, but now he doesn't try to climb out anymore.

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