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White spots and swollen gill on Clownfish - ICH?

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One of my two clownfish has white spots all over her and a swollen gill 😥 This came on very quickly, and she is breathing harder than normal. She did eat this evening and is swimming around, Four days ago I added 2 snails, 2 mushroom frags and a GSP frag from a seemingly clean LFS. I dipped the corals in coral rx for 10 mins before placing them in the tank. Not sure how to treat this. I did some quick research and it appears to be ICH. Have had the pair of clownfish for a month.


The tank has been up for a few months with parameters stable at:


pH 8.0

SG 1.024-1.025

Ammonia 0ppm

Nitrite 0ppm

Nitrate 0-5ppm


I uploaded a YouTube video. Any help is appreciated.




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