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Johnny's Waterbox Peninsula 15G


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Hello Everyone,


I have decided to get back into the hobby... Last time I bit a lot more than I could chew and ended up destroying a beautiful 20 gallon IM Fusion to upgrade to a RedSea Reefer... I ended up losing a lot of the corals and some fish. Out of frustration I sold everything I had and decided to call it quits. After trying to find another hobby for several years I realized I didn't enjoy any of them as much as I enjoyed my tank not my violin, not my Gunpla, not my drawing, or even my drone which I still use from time-to-time. This time around, I am going to start out a bit different and try to make the whole process as uninvolved as I possibly can. The mistakes I committed during my last tank were out of greed and wanting to chase parameters and changing my rock-scape numerous times rather than just letting things be. I didn't stick to my plan and I went from an off-brand AIO tank that worked well, to a IM Fusion 20, to finally a RedSea reefer that I ended up selling. This time around I will try to remain consistent and bring stability to my tank. While chasing parameters I would do water changes left and right, I would change lighting, feeding schedules, etc... etc.. It never dawned on me how all these changes were affecting my fish and corals and in the end as we say in my country, "The remedy turned out worse than the disease!"


Hopefully you guys will enjoy this build as much as I look forward to sharing it with all of you. Bellow you will find my equipment list... Much of it is still on order and on its way. Waterbox was sold out of the tank I wanted with the Ai HD Prime combo but, I still ordered it and its now on backorder so we will see. No rush this time, plus I became a father last year and as we prepare to celebrate my son's upcoming birthday I want to focus on that in the meantime so I don't mind the wait... The equipment list is as follow...



Waterbox Peninsula 15gallon AIO 

Ai HD Prime Black with 12inch mounting arm

Ai Nero 3 

Fluval 50W heater 

Sicce .05 return pump

XP Aqua Duetto ATO 

Ink Bird Temp Controller 

Advanced Acrylics slim ATO reservoir



Going to get the overhang piece from inTank with their filter floss ( Their media rack didn't convince me! ) They should really find a way to make a rack that works without having to cut up the tank just my opinion.  

Going to run ChemiPure blue 


Rock & Substrate

Caribsea Fiji Pink

Marco Dry Rock not the purple one. 


Future Inhabitants

2 Designer clowns still deciding which

1 Cleaner Shrimp

1 Bicolor Blenny 

Zoas, Softies, I really want an octo-spawn coral, and I might try some acans and some easy bird's nest or montipora. 







First Water Test


Ph 8.0

Ammonia .50ppm

Nitrite 5.0ppm

Nitrate 20ppm


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Second Water Test


Ph 8.0

Ammonia .125ppm <- This is me being scared and holding off but it really does look yellow in person.

Nitrite 2.0ppm

Nitrate 40ppm


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6 minutes ago, Jaren45 said:

Awesome scape!

Thank you! It took me a while to do and I lost all my fingerprints from all the super glue! I should have worn gloves... I just didn't have any! LOL

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