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Sorry Guys!,


Beginner question..  I just bought a nano cube 28 gallon aquarium.  I'm housing 5 seahorses; two adults, three youngin's.  The water flow is way too fast for them and I cant figure out how to turn it way down.  The aquarium I bought was a display, so no instructions came with it! Thanks so much!!

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What all do you have making the flow? A power head? A filter? We need a lot more details about what you’ve got going on. Most return pumps are adjustable, try lifting it out of the back (turned off of course), and google the manufacturer that should be listed on the label.

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If your pumps have controller boxes, you may be able to turn them down, but if you have extra powerheads in the display section, you could also just remove them.  Seahorses need a fair bit of specific care and I am no expert, but another important thing for them is places to hold on to, so especially if they were already in the tank with this amount of flow, it could be that they just need more plants/gorgonians/etc to grab onto so they don't have to swim much of the time.

If you are looking for ways to control things that aren't obvious, a good place to start is to try to identify the equipment you have - manufacturer, model number, etc.  Some pumps, lights, and other things now can be controlled but don't have a physical controller, so you'd have to figure out what app they need to control them and how to reset them to be added to your own account.  In any case, taking inventory to see what is running goes a long way to figure out what you can change and how.

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55 minutes ago, Merthynia said:


I’m also going to post this here so you can use the references within it. If this is your very first aquarium, sea horses are very difficult to care for without experience.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I'm imagining these poor sea horses blowing around in an un-cycled tank. Please try re homing the horses and starting with some beginner fish. There is a 100% chance your seahorses will die in the setup you described.

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Hi, welcome! I think there are quite a few women with seahorse tanks in the Reef Chicks United group on Facebook, you may want to check it out, in addition to the info here. 🤗

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All I have in the tank are the pumps that came with the tank. I found the instructions online and it says to adjust the water flow to your desired level but doesn’t say how to. I’ve pulled out the pump and there is no slide to adjust. I was really just wondering if anyone had this tank and could tell me where it is. 

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I guess I should also add that this is not my first seahorse tank. It’s just my first nano cube tank. I know how to care for seahorses. I just couldn’t find the adjuster to the water flow. 

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Hmm… if you are looking for help on adjusting a specific pump, may want to rename your post so people with that tank see your question and reply. You might also try a google search now that your know what tank/pump you have. Is it a 28 gallon JBJ with a stock pump? 

If you still have it out, want to post a pic of it?

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If you're talking about the JBJ Nano Cube 28, then the back side should look like this:



In the front you should have two outputs, one for each pump.


Either remove one or both pumps to reduce flow, or change the outputs so the flow is more diffuse.  Either a "Y" plumbing splitter on each outlet to divide the flow pressure in half, or some type of device such as the Hydo FLO attached to the output.  Putting a sponge over the outlet(s) can work too.  


(It doesn't seem like this tank is very ideal for seahorses....like a plain tank+filter might be better/give you less extra stuff you don't need.)

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