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Food bucket pico sterile macroalgae project


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Decided to repurpose a food bucket as a modular algae system. 


The first bucket in the system will be ulva. No filtration, no fish. Bacteria and copepods only. 


1 gallon with a diy airlift pump.


I will eventually be adding more buckets in sequence with different specimens. My target final water volume will be around 30 gallons.


Right now I'm simply ghost feeding and using water from our reef tank water changes.16300919736562550887782256936598.thumb.jpg.b732b3d4c43cdab491f753929cf76d02.jpg16300919736562550887782256936598.thumb.jpg.b732b3d4c43cdab491f753929cf76d02.jpg163009215843158262220118193195.thumb.jpg.7e78af54f2fd3c79bb6cfed3f65e5cf8.jpg

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At most maybe an invert. I don't really want any fish, corals or much of anything other than algae. 


I do plan on running this at 82f once I add more specimines to maximize growth.


I'm not opposed to adding nutrients/CO2 down the line.

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Expanding the system to a whopping 2.5 gallons. I've decided to add some manila clams as well as a small, populated live rock from our main aquarium. Going to remove the surface material from it but not much else.


Will post photos of the second bucket in the sequence.

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We have phytoplankton cubes for feeding. 

These are from the grocery store. Some of them may not make it just due to rough handling and who knows what else. 


As far as the system stability goes it will increase as the total water quantity increases. I would like to have it up to 30 gallons soon but I'm waiting to see what algae we have coming in.



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