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Bad or Good Idea? Refuge in tank?


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Wanted to know your opinions on this temp. rig I have setup. I've been having major algae blooms (green/grassy) that my good friend believes may be because of phosphate levels being high. As I've been scraping off the sides of the tank it really pollutes the water. To top everything off, my clown has just come down with Ich and it seemed to subside a bit with water changes..... For this reason I'm hoping killing the algae, cleaning the water, and his new garlic diet will help him out.




My friend gave me some Macro Algae that I put inside of a small tuberware container with a bunch of slits cut in it. I place it behind my liverock and was hoping it would lower the phosphate levels/purify the way a refuge does, until I have the time/money to build a legit refuge. What do you guys think? Any risks?


INFO: 20g/4+ weeks/all levels been zero for over 3 weeks/10+ lbs live rock/20lbs live sand/1 clown/snails&hermits/several hearty corals all looking awesome

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First, maybe you should get more LR... 10lbs in a 20G in not enough IMO... you should aim for 20-25lbs


But, I'm interested in knowing too, not because of cash issues, but mostly for space issues ;)

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should be ok, just not very good looking. I recently threw some chaeto in my display tank in hopes of reducing nitrates and bettering the water, bad idea... skunk cleaner shrimp walk all over it ripping it to pieces, then it came loose and got into the powerheads. ugh, what a mess.

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Yea, maybe I could use some more LR. I do have another 10lb piece of "dead-rock" that I carved into a cave for my fish in there also. How long until "dead-rock" will become LR?


Do you think lowering the phosphate level will help reduce the stress on my fish? I'm trying to lower all the possible stressors in the tank to excellerate his recovery. I also got a heater to bump the temp. from 74 up to 78.


As for the appearance of my little rig, it's almost not even noticible from the front. Seems to be getting decent flow through also. I searched around alot and haven't seen this approach used, I was just curious to whether there could be any risks of having a large amount of macro directly in your tank. But sounds like you all agree I should be alright.


Thanks for the input fellas. I'll continue to keep you updated on this little experiment.

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Yes and No. It's not completely covered by LR. And the container it is in is somewhat clear. But it is not getting direct light like it would in a refuge. Do you think this will kill it?

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