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Cultivated Reef

IM drop off 20 gallons


Grey goose induced purchase.  

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Good morning,


New to the forum and I am in need of some inspiration. Just wondering who out there in Nano land is working with this or a variation of the drop off set up. Please post your set ups in here, looking for some inspiration for scape and coral placement. I'm going SPS dominant but will have some LPS mixed in. Reason for the build originally was for my daughter, now I have 30 frags in my main display on a rack and figure why not move some into this set up?


Current equipment

nero 5

Radion Gen 5 xr 15

Coral box wifi doser(dosing all for reef)

I have a trident and am tempted to put it on this setup for constant monitoring 

Apex is on my Reefer 900xxxl

Tunze ATO with a modified 1.5 gallon container


Corals are manly zoas, blastos, a duncan and a syphastrea at the moment. 


Thank you all in advance for reading and posting if you choose to.


Darkside Reefer 

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I'm jealous!  I had an IM20 Drop-off in 2016.  I'll post a link to my tank journal for it.  I started with a 20L and switched to the drop-off.  The drop-off info starts around page 96 of the journal if you want to jump to that.  This link might take you directly to that page, hopefully.


I would suggest keeping your SPS at the top level.  You can see how I placed things.  I had zoas, blastos, leather, and LPS.  No SPS in my drop-off.


I hope you start a tank journal for this!  I would love to watch your progress. I'm a big fan of these tanks!



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2 hours ago, Darksidereefer said:

Gena. I like the build. The cabinet looks great, good job on the glue. I will start up  a journal soon enough. 

Haha thanks!  I can't believe that was 5 years ago already!


Very cool rock!!!!  This is a lot different than my drop off.  Mine had the chambers at the back and a top platform that was twice as big.  If I remember right, they sold two different styles of the drop off tanks.  This must be the other one.  I looked the other day at the tanks they were selling now and these are out of stock.


Is that acrylic or glass?  Mine didn't have a convenient little drawer on the front either.  That's cool.  I wish they still came in white.

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1 minute ago, Darksidereefer said:

It’s glass. The peninsula version. The draw could be used as an ato, I use it to hide my wires.

Yep, that's right.  I remember now.  I saw your wires going into the base and I was like...how does that work???  Then I realized it was a drawer :).

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