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1/2" PVC Fittings $30 shipped


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Cleaning out my front closet to find some stuff and I found the following fittings:


 2x ½" double union ball valves 

 2x regular ball valves

 2x double union check valves 

 4x unions

 6x 45's

 7x 90's 


 5x street 90's 

 1x regular tee

 1x slip x slip x thread tee

 1x ¾ x ½ reducer bushing 

 3x caps

 2x plugs 

 2 x couplings 

 1x loc-line mpt 

 1x loc-line y with 2 round nozzles 

 1x street x thread coupling 

 1x barb fitting (goes in fitting to connect silicone tubing. Best for connecting return pumps to piping for no vibrations). 

 1x VCA ¼" RFG with adapter bushing,never used. 

 10x ¾" pipe clamps,these fit ½" pipe perfect. Can be used to secure piping to back of a stand or inside the stand. 

 2x ½ bulk head with gasket and nut with street 90 to go with it. 

2x air line tubing check valves. 




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