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Mystery flatworms that came in on a tubastrea frag


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Got a sun coral frag from a LFS today and in acclimation and dipping a whole bunch of little green/yellow flatworms with red dots came off.  They weren't eating the coral and I've got a small holding tank to keep it in for now (being NPS has it's advantages!), but I was wondering if anyone actually knew what they were:


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Thankfully I had a small second tank that I could put it in, so I left the frag in there for a couple of weeks to spot feed and starve out anything that was a corallivore.  Got the tissue to extend back over the skeleton and the polyps to extend more and it's off to the display, no issues so far and almost no visible worms after adding it to that first QT tank, they seemed to scatter rather than stay on the frag.

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