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Fluval Evo 13.5 First Saltwater Tank!

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Hey Everyone!


I just started my first saltwater tank about two months ago. The specs are listed below. I plan on posting updates as things move along, but so far so good! 


Fluval Evo 13.5

Fluval M50 Heater

Fluval Mini Protein Skimmer

Hydros ATO kit

Activated carbon, bio-media both with filtration sponge in chamber two 

Stock pump with duck bill nozzles

Chemipure Blue

Supplementing with Microbacter7/Prime when parameters need adjustments

Water changes every Sunday at 20%, using homemade RODI water and Coralife marine salt mix

I took out a standard wave maker because it was giving too much flow output for the tank - I noticed the corals/fish weren't a fan. They seem to grow better/stay happier without it.

API Master Saltwater Test Kit

DIY mesh screen top made at home from an Amazon kit 


I'm looking forward to learning from everyone in the community! 🙂








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