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thinking about tanking down my nano for a planted FW


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as the title says I am thinking of tanking down my little nano as I have a large peninsula reef too. the tank has just been on auto pilot for many months now was part of the 365 but we remoled and moved into a new house so was supper busy + covid and all that so...I to love the little tank but kinda feeling like I wand some green plant life  in the room to help balance out all the blues from the reef. IDK something I have been thinking about for a few years now almost set up up 3 years ago started collecting the gear but then the GF moved in we all know how that goes. 🙂 


just thinking out loud here...

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I've been thinking the same.....We've likely been watching the same you tube vids of aquascaped FW tanks and frankly they are easier on my eyes than all but the best marine tanks.


Plus you dont have to monitor 10 different parameters and FW fish are inexpensive and used to captivity. 


The trick with FW aquascaped tanks I found is really the same thing with marine. You have to out compete the bad things. Get a lot of plants to start and this will beat algae down.



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Make it whatever you like.  Keeping an aquarium takes a bit of effort, so put it into something that you enjoy keeping, and/or something that you enjoy to looking at.  It might even make you enjoy your other tank even more.

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I did a 5 gallon bonsai tank for a while. You can buy wood shaped like a dead bonsai tree and stick moss to it to make it look like a bonsai tree. It looked great for about 6 months, but eventually the algae started to take over after about a year I just didn't have the motivation to keep up with the reef tank and the bonsai tank so the bonsai got taken down.

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thanks for the feedback folks I still keep going back n forth. 

with the prices of coral these days...planted FW is looking more attractive.

I bought a trachy the other day for the big tank and wow was it expensive. 


but on the other hand I really wanted to make this nano amazing....ah 1st world problems I guess   

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Couldn't agree more with Seabass.  I took an 18 year break in between reef tanks and not sure if my passion for it hadn't been back in full force I'd want to expel the effort consistently to do what it takes to maintain it.

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The dwarf seahorses were too much work so made my 7.5 gallon a shrimp tank and absolutely love it.  I have red divinchi shrimp (started with 8 and tried to count...over 150 now), male Endlers and pygmy cory cats (that are breeding) in brown water.


I still have my 20 salt so it is balanced.


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  • Christopher Marks changed the title to thinking about tanking down my nano for a planted FW

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