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DIY Sump


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Ok, so I want to add a sump to my setup. 

I have a 30G display tank. and want to add my 15G tank underneath as a sump.

My goal would be to have a bit of mechanical filter, Refugium with loads of live rock and copepods and possibly a skimmer if I get around to it. 

The only thing left to plan out is plumbing it.


My goal is to have a (almost) foolproof design, as in I would like to not have to worry about siphons and power outages. To that end I plan on drilling out a hole in the back of the tank as an overflow. So I can pump from the sump to the tank and not worry about flow back into the sump. Only thing I'm not sure about its Hole size, and bulkheads. As well as return pump and volume. 

If anyone has any advice that would be awesome! 




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