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HOB flow rate


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What's the minimum flow rate i can get away with on a 2' x 16" x 14" tank?


i was looking at the AC range, but i feel that the 500 is just too expensive.


One that i do like the look of is a Supreme Aqua Bio Filter ( 1000lph )... is that too little or would that be sufficient? there will also be a powerhead or 2 in the tank for movement. this is just purely for bio filtration purposes (prob just have a pre-filter sponge or course filter sponge only)




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Blind Tree Frog

I was told that for a 10gallon I probably should aim for about 100gph (... close to 380lph I think) but the guy could of just been pulling that out of his ass.

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depends on what you want to keep. some coral don't like much flow at all. if you already have 2 powerheads, you'll need to calculate that into the equation. i think the beginner articles from this site says 7-10x flow. as you know lr is your source of biofiltration, but using the sponges as supplimental biofiltration can lead to problems.

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