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The Dreaded BIO WHEEL


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Before reading all of the online articles about the horrors of the biowheel, I went out and bought one and put it in. After reading it, im not so sure its bad for my tank, since I have 5 lbs of LR for a 15 lb tank. I know its light, but im working on fixing that. So here are my questions. Keep in mind this is LR that is re-curing, as it was shipped from Cali.


1) Would it be OK to keep the biowheel to aid the LR while I only have that small ammount?


2) If I ditch the wheel part, it is cool for me to keep the filter, if, anf only if, I have been washing it out with RO 2 times a day? I find it really helps deal with any silt problems in my H20.


3) Will you go to prom with me?


Thanks for your time guys

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I took my bio wheel out.. but I still have the filter in there... I dont see anything wrong with having the filter in there... I also added purigen to the filter. I dont wash the filter out with RO twice a day either.



Maybe there is something im missing... but from what ive read and asked, the only problem was with the bio wheel becoming a nitrate factory in the future..which is why I took it out completly.

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The bio-wheel shouldn't be an issue for now. I do recommend taking it out later on though, when you have more LR, or you may run into nitrate problems...

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my concern with the ur biowheels is that it may harbor more beneficial bacteria than the lr. you want to encourage growth on the lr not the biowheel. you can leave the filter, but you should stop have silt problems pretty soon. no comment about the prom.

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