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Nano Reef Jakarta : 31l/8gal Nano Reef Cube

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Jakarta based music producer here, living in one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend. 

We just created a nano reef in our home as an homage to Indonesia's marine treasure.


I've been into fish and aquatic animals since i was little. Now, fish keeping is a part of my life.

Now, i'd like to share my nature's artwork with you all. Let us grow this tank together! 



Tank : 31l/8gal nano cube (clear glass) with DIY cover

Power : hanging filter (crushed rock, sponge, no refugium), No skimmer

Light : Aqua Knights V2 

Age : 1 month old after cycling

Livestock : 2 ocellaris clowns

Coral : Torch, Purple tip elegance, Army of God zoa, Open brain coral

Inverts : Feather duster

Cec : Pacific cleaner shrimp, blue-legged hermit crab





Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 23.16.27.png


For more updates on youtube


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New updates on my 31l/8gal Nano Reef Cube :

Cleaner shrimp and blue legged hermit crab finally molting in my aquarium. I believe that its a sign that they're quite comfortable with their new home. 

Anyway, i uploaded new video on my Youtube Channel about my clean up crew's behaviour. Please check it out!



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Christopher Marks

Welcome to the community @NanoJakarta, and congratulations on your new nano reef!

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