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My 5 gallon at almost 1 year

Tom Price

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Here's my CadLights 5 gallon at almost 1 year old. Lighting is Kessel A80 Tuna Blue and and a Koralia Nano 240 gph circulation pump is used. I got a Ocean Box Designs 4 hole frag rack for more frag capacity.


Inhabitants are a cleanup crew of 2 astrea snails, 2 blue legged hermits, and an emerald crab. Frags include Duncan, hammer, monti cap, candy cane, a zoa colony and assorted mushrooms. There is a blue yellow tail damsel as well.





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How is the yellow tail damsel doing? Does it tend to stay above the reef or prefer a cave? Any habits that are harmful to the reef? Did you find any information or recommendations for putting it into a small tank?


I am considering putting one into my 5g tank. I have a solid CUC and range of soft coal to sps. 

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