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Clown Layed Eggs in the Rock - How could i raise them


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I do have 29 gallon tank, with 2 clown, Goby and bicolor blenny. i do see eggs in one side of the Rock. believe it must be 4/5 day. Should i need to take rock out where eggs where laid or leave it in the tank itself? need you suggestion please





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If you decide to try to raise clownfish babies, you have a bit of preparation to do first.  This clutch will be lost; but don't worry, as long as you don't disturb the pair, they will continue to have more clutches.  So there is time to get things in order.


First, you'll need to culture your own phytoplankton.  This is to feed the live rotifers, which you will also need to culture (in order to feed the larvae).  It's simply not practical to purchase enough live rotifers to feed the larvae; and, likewise, it's not practical to buy enough phyto to feed the rotifers (so culturing them both is necessary).  There's no need to try to save the larvae until you have viable cultures in place.


There are some good online resources available which will walk you through the process.  However, I strongly recommend purchasing the Kindle eBook, Clownfishes, by Joyce D. Wilkerson.  It's only $9, and will give you some good insight into raising clownfish.  Plus, it's a pretty good read.


I have had working phyto and rotifer cultures ready for years.  I'm just waiting for a good time to raise a clutch, as I'm dealing with dinos and my clownfish nursery is temporary housing a couple dozen rock flower anemones that have been promised to the owner of my LFS.


I'm in no hurry, as the clownfish are very productive (with a new clutch of eggs about a week after the last batch hatches).  The fish in the tank (clownfish included) will eat the larvae after they hatch.  It's good food for corals and your fish.


As for removing the eggs, that's a possibility; however, I have found that the male will do an excellent job caring for the clutch.  My first attempt to move the rock resulted in dead eggs.  You must get the flow and aeration down if trying to move the rock into a hatching nursery.  It might be easier for you to capture the newly hatched larvae (which hatch after lights out) and transfer them to the nursery.


It's a hard thing to make raising clownfish profitable.  However, you might find it extremely rewarding to raise at least one clutch (some time).  I have yet to successfully raise a clutch; but I have a plan in place to do so.  It's on my reefing bucket list.  Good luck, and congratulations.

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