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Pico setup (Orlando/Deland area pick up) $60


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Looking to get $60 for everything. 

Great little almost complete turn key system,besides a light and test kits.

-Aqueon 10" cube with lid
-Red Sea Blue Bucket (used maybe 2-3 gallons worth of salt)
-BWA MB7 (75% full)
-BWA QuikCycle (90% full)
-SeaChem Nitrogen & Phosphorus.
both 98% full used maybe 5ml of each.
-SeaChem Seed (99% full).
-SeaChem de-Nitrate (50% full)
-Ocean's Blend 2part (90% full)
-3x media bags (1 brand new,2 used)
-SeaChem eight.four PH additive (99% full)
-AquaClear AC30 with lid
-TopFin 50w heater,well used but works fine.
-WWC 2.5g water jug
-10-12lbs of never used Staxx rock,not pictured.
-TLF magnet cleaner
-Chemi-Pure Blue Nano packs,missing 1 bag of media.


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