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Help Dying Anemone

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Hi everyone,

I'm newbie and i need some helps

I have an anemone in my 6 month tank

Nearly 2 days, i looked my anemone stressful, it comes smaller, some polyps are bad and mouth look bigger

My specification of tank

- Ca 440

- No3 <10

- Po4 < 0.5

- kH 8

- RO/DI water

- Temperature 24°C 

Tropical Salt, All elements are dosed by seachem


Thank you so much, sorry for my english. Help me please ! 



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Will it take food?  I can see the reflection of some LED lights.  I wonder if they are intense enough.  Also, it looks like the anemone is being confined with grates.  That might be limiting the flow.  Phosphate level near 0.50ppm is very high, but may not be a direct factor affecting your anemone's health.  Any other issues currently in your tank (like cyanobacteria)?

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