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Wills Red Sea reefer 250

Xj reefing

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Over the weekend my dad surprised me with a Red Sea reefer 250 as a upgrade from a 20 gallon cube. Over the last few days I have taken down the 20 gallon and set up the reefer. I put all of my fish and coral into a bucket and got to work setting up the new tank. I have nearly got around to putting in corals and will be doing that as soon as the water is heated up. I already have 2 clowns and a bi colour blenny so they will be going in first.



2 clowns

1 bi colour blenny

1 chromis

1 lubboks fairy wrasse

1 yellow coris wrasse

1 carpenters flasher wrasse

Lots of coral and snails


will this be to much or could I add more fish?


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Tank looking great so far. There has been no ammonia spikes but I am starting to see the start of Dino. I will be feeding more to get my nitrates and phosphates higher as they are pretty low right now.





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Xj reefing

Tank is still going good there has been no ammonia spikes yet. My lfs is looking for a Carpenters flasher wrasse and they will qt it for me. After I get that fish in the tank a few weeks later I will add a yellow coris wrasse. From my understanding chromis are very peaceful to other fish but not to them selves. If I added three chromis before the flasher wrasse would that be ok. I also have read that having heaps of hiding spots limits aggression as well. 

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Xj reefing

Over the last few days I have bought 6 new corals. 1 fungia, 1 orange hammer, 3 zoas and 1 richordia.

the hammer was a great deal for just 80 aud. All up I spent 154 aud. The zoas have some rastas on them but they are mostly orange blow pop. The rastas were selling for $40 a frag. I don’t have any more fish yet. What would you guys recommend fish wise that are active and not shy (already have 2 clowns and a bi colour blenny).








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Today I notice there were some small aptasia anemones on one of my most recent zoa frags. I got a old light and put the frag in the sump with the peppermint shrimp. Within hours the aptasia was no more. Next week the my lfs should be getting in a bunch of wrasses so I will hopefully get him to qt a yellow coris, carpenters flasher, and a lubboks fairy wrasse.

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The lfs did not end up with any wrasse as the other shops got them first but the owner said that the wholesaler should be getting some more in soon. The new corals are settling in nicely and are really bright.






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I will forever be jealous of the selection other hobbyist have to choose from at their LFS.  I'm beginning to think I need to plan a 2-3 day vacation to fly to a different state to shop around and see these corals in person.  

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6 hours ago, ninjamyst said:

I never been a fan of lobos but you are slowly changing my mind


Even though they don’t add any movement to the tank they just look so stunning and a lot of the time they are relatively cheap.

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Today I nearly had a heart attack as I saw my blenny on his side on my frag rack. I started to get the lights on white and the power head and pump off and when I was getting the tweezers to poke the little bugger he jump back up and swam of to his rock like nothing happened. He then ate like a cow as per usual. Is my fish ok in the head?

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Yesterday I bought 2 new coral and got 1 for free. I bought a neon green Goni for 50 and a reverse frogspawn for 35 the lfs owner chucked in a free lettuce coral. My red trachy had a white fungus on it so I dipped it in reef rx. The damage is in the bottom left corner so hopefully it recovers.





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