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Algae Reactor Mod - IM 20g peninsula drop-off


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"Algae Reactor Mod" - I am a firm believer in refugiums to help with nutrient removal, and have them on all my tanks. However, there is not much room in the back chamber of the IM 20 peninsula drop-off. So, before buying the parts to make an Aqua Clear refugium mod to put on the back of the tank to help with a little algae problem, I decided to try an algae reactor, using materials I already had laying around. I used a Bubble Magus media reactor, a USB Red/Blue plant group LED from Ebay, and a Sicce Syncra 0.5 pump.









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How is the reactor working? I would like to add one to my WB aio 20 gallon. I do like the idea of putting it in the middle chamber. 

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