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Hermit Crab ID help.

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A month ago started a 32 gal biocube I just have the cleaner crew in there today at my local coral store the guy got a green leg hermit he didn't know what it was or if it was reef safe. He found it doing matienance on a customers tank and the owner didn't know where it came from so they took it out. He gave it to me because he knows I don't have any corals to risk. But I can't figure out anything about it.


I have some pictures but it has looks to be light green long legs and very big compared to the red leg claws. He let a snail climb on his shell (I think margarita?) Was letting him check it out until the snail flipped him over which is how I got the other picture. He got up and looked to let the snail back up but I went in and moved the snail just incase the CRAB was crabby. 


Behavior when he was introduced I have 6 big shells laying around the front of the tank for the 5 hermits red leg I have so they play nice. He went to each one and cleaned it. Hasn't moved into one yet I put some reefer special frozen shrimp next to him he seemed to eat that I think he even ate a little algae walking around. 


Here's other picture


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