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JBJ 28G BioCube...Pulling Air :(


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Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone has the JBJ and has come across the air-in-the-line problem :( I've upgraded the Accela's to MaxiJet 1200's and I can't keep enough water in the back setup, it just pulls air, though oddly enough it's just the right jet. The left jet is the same thing, yet it never pulls air, even when the secondary one does. I've replaced the hoses with solid lines, it just pulls so much water on the right side that it'll deplete the entire right-side back area faster than the left, it's boggling my mind. I'm using an InTank basket as well, but it does it even without it in there and just naturally draining.


My main issue is I *can* just fill it up with more water and stop it from happening...but I'm using a Kraken Custom lid and it pushes the water level to touching that, if not bubbling out of the center. Is this an issue of me needing to find a weaker pump? or do I basically just have to get over it? (nothing else is in the chamber to stop water flow to both sides, so it's really just a weird issue). Thank you in advance!

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It sounds like the overflow can't keep up with the pump to me. You can try a small ball valve on the pump outlet or try another pump like you said

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