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Wnat to convert!


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k, Hi guys ive been coming back n forth to this site for ages but only just registered! I recently purchased a 40 uk litre nano cube which i hear is about a 10.5 US gallon tank. . Any whoo!!! i really would like to try my hand at converting the tank to a nano reef... my questions are...



1)- what would the stocking limits be. I would presume i could only keep 1 small fish (goby or other) with a few invertibrates etc.


my second question is....


2)- my lighting is a double PL light- blue and white. It seems quite bright but im not sure what my limits would be with the lighting. am i correct in saying that Corals must have Halide lighting or do they just need bright lighting?


3)- Would i need to totally start alll over? I mean, the water is perfect to keep my puffer in at the moment- all levels are near enough 0. could i just add the salt from there, let it cycle for about a week and add some live rock/sand? I ask this because it seems ashame to waste the benficial bacteria thats in the tank already!...


below is my tank. im greatful for all the help i can get at the moment.. Thanks, adam.

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