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Christmas Tree 1.5L/0.4gal      New Set up 05/14/2021


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Hi, everyone again n again~👋🏻


I’ve just set up another with remaining items tonight, but this time is ‘pico’.

I’m just into ‘pico’ since I recently came back to the reef life,,,😍



- Christmas Tree Jar 1.5L/0.4gal  (without sump like I always do)


- Setup Date : May 14th 2021


- Real rock, Livesands from 8gal, Sea water(from local shop)


- Light :  sera Nano LED Light (1 × 2w daylight + 1 × 2w bluelight)


- Filter : 4w powerhead from Dennerle filtration + biopad with lubber bands 


- Heater


- Sub equipment


- Maintenance  10% water change weekly

                               filter change frequently


- Feeding :


- Coral :  xenia (05/15/2021)

                1 × mushroom (05/16/2021)

                star polyps (05/17/2021)

                blastomussa (05/20/2021)

                cloves (05/22/2021)

                blue sea squirt (05/22/2021)

                button polyps (05/26/2021, 08/27/2021)

                goniopora (07/08/2021)


- Fish :   blue tang (08/12/2021, during for a curing)


- Invert : 1 × baby snail (05/14/2021)

                 1 × baby starfish (05/14/2021)

                 2 × baby snail (05/16/2021)

                 1 × baby starfish (05/16/2021)

                 1 × pompom crab (05/26/2021)


Algae :  2 types red macroalgae (05/14/2021, 05/17/2021, 07/13/2021)






D14D5034-B937-4D9A-9729-B6CDAFEF1133.thumb.jpeg.569044d93349b07a4289de1f6e39fa38.jpeg ⇒ 12019DED-07EB-420D-928C-630FAF82C8BA.thumb.jpeg.a4ba06c488fc90878adda88b4257676b.jpeg



I really need so many info of pico! 

Looking forward to the great help of experts,,,🙏🏻


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@LazyFish, thanks,,,that’s good idea!
but my main issues of this tank for now r the temperature cuz not enough only with a Santa hat! 🤣

n the lightning,,,hv U any idea for that? 🤔




here we go~😊




293D9A19-7295-44D1-BFF3-36C655B0AAA8.thumb.jpeg.466a2583e3c0bc8c8981e305f33da58c.jpeg 1BA78793-C86A-40CB-9407-82C8EA554D78.thumb.jpeg.37739b27236b0454c57fb88144daafc0.jpeg



I added some red macroalgae to hide or cover a biopad,,,

n a baby starfish, a baby snail also,,, all from my 5.2gal

the peculiar thing of this tank is a shell of a escargot which I gathered after Cooking! 🤪

the funny thing is perfectly 1.5L even I hv no idea for it! ☺️


anyway, now I hv to solve issues,,,as like temp, lightning, ect,,,

any idea or nice equipment U know then let me know plz,,,,🙏🏻

of course, I’m gonna figure it out myself 2,,,😊



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some pics of filtration n a starfish,,, 🤣


89163F3C-01D7-4245-8C34-669D7035F8B2.thumb.jpeg.126d3ce4d78dbaaf839a591a2235ef2b.jpeg A2B7DC53-4773-4CBD-BF57-93B467734BCE.thumb.jpeg.8c28bb6c43a98caffd3a5d6101254c71.jpeg 3C5C5BCD-CAD2-47C6-9B8E-6B69A17B6D0E.thumb.jpeg.8a1da9e91431057a08a9e9a1644e102d.jpeg



yesterday I added some xenia, a mushroom form my 8gal,

I made some star polyps shell, it’s in 8gal for now,,,if polys open then I’move it 2.

those pics r next time, btw,,,☺️

I found a good lighting finally,,,just how to buy it is the biggest thing! 🤔



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 the star polyps shell inda 8gal, a shell of a escargot n new item,,,


86E13CB9-0F81-4D4D-8988-E012B1AC0C31.thumb.jpeg.27b2eee876c1cc8a8aeae59b3f35f424.jpeg 9E785655-FF65-4020-AF64-F9C6A3059CC2.thumb.jpeg.521083d672a0c90e2a4dd624968306fe.jpeg


AC3BD96A-D6FE-4542-8E56-386E551EB4FD.thumb.jpeg.1cc9eaa6c6ad7acfca8a8b5febd6758e.jpeg 13CB24B2-D5AF-49BF-82AA-826798E4B5CD.thumb.jpeg.e910c2e0471238c2ee63d76d15192602.jpeg




I set the desk led lamp of ikea for now, I’m figuring a way to buy a lightning out,,,,










but still keeping temperature issue,,,

it’s still holding up with room temperature and the heat of the motor head,,,it needs to be stabilized,,, 🤔

anyone any idea??? 🧐


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Eventually, I gave up the lighting I found and decided to take the next best thing,,,😢




↑↑↑this was my first choice but only a cradle, no more lamp!


872BB3A3-EC3C-4BB0-827A-7DB2B5ECC65C.thumb.jpeg.b88aeb62f5680e58739c1f399c9bc062.jpeg D5D149AB-1E2F-4838-BD4F-56D47FFA82F8.thumb.jpeg.508231a79bc60f54396dfd77e0763bf5.jpeg

↑↑↑ this is a final choice even internet shopping! 🤪




n some pics,,,


3B000636-F4FA-4FA1-8761-22C7E4460143.thumb.jpeg.ad41d43afe4ba419031797c6b43ab2b2.jpeg 378DC915-F5F7-4250-A6EE-D2A57124EA80.thumb.jpeg.94f118cf8325a1d5e21f81d6e0315d34.jpeg

I adopted a stuff(dunn know a name) to outlet of a power head, then the water flow was much better,,,







now while waiting for lights, I think about how to install it,,,🤔


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I just was into this (a.k.a WISIWIG) even if I dunn know ID,

even if base rock n head of clove polyps is too big,

even if it is difficult to see when the cloves polyps are all bloomed,,,,

so I brought it from LFS n spilt a base rock n put each one in all my tank,,,




anyone know the ID??? btw 🧐


I added some blastomussa from 8gal,,,

n the lighting was installed, and it feels dark to the naked eye,,,🤣


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@Critteraholic, thanks!

U mean cloves?! but I didn’t,,, 🤣

I didn’t bring that coral for cloves,,,it’s just for only the blue things among cloves! 😉

U can check what I mean exactly in my 5.2 gal,,,n really wanna know ID, how to keep them also,,,🧐

I hv no idea which word I search for it even,,,🐶

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I had to look at the other tank to be sure. It's a type of tunicate or a sea squirt if you like. They are nps filter feeders nice hitchhiker. Sometimes they come in crazy colors! It's a prety intresting one reminds me a little bit of a tiny version of the lollipop tunicate.

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@LazyFish, thank U so much~! 🙏🏻

I knew here is always hidden(?) master like U! 😊

I’ve never seen before n  I’m just into their blue eyes when I saw them,,,😍

that’s Y I brought the rock of cloves.

I’m never gonna forget the name ‘ Blue sea squirt’,,, Cloves r just a hitchhiker to me,,,though,,,🐶


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Lol hardly a master. I can only narrow it down for you I'm not spesific enough to know the exact type. If you search around now that you know approximately what it is you may find the exact one if you are wanting an exact name. I do know that they can be difficult to keep. They like nutreant rich waters and filter feed very small particles. They should be fed with phytoplankton cultures and some prepaired planktonic foods designed for small particle filter feeding inverts in order to thrive

 Some do ok In reefs but mostly our reefs dont make food for them so they need to be fed. Heres a something on them.https://reefs.com/magazine/an-introduction-to-tunicates/

fauna marin seafan, fauna marin ultra min D, Fauna marin clam and simmilar may be an appropriate sized food but they do better with live phyto.

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🤣 You need to be more specific! Like "blue things". 🤣


I second @LazyFish on the tunicate ID.  Lucky you to find blue ones.  I only ever get the small clear ones.


And that other critter in your 5.2 is a spaghetti worm looking for new digs.  Love those guys!

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@LazyFish, thank for more informations! 👍🏻

I’m a little bit sad to hear that it’s difficult, but I’m gonna do my best to keep them n study harder!☺️


@Critteraholic, thank to try to help me! 😊

but I can’t help it, if my texts n pic r not enough for U,,,🤣

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recently new faces~☺️






n finally a full shot with new lightning,,,



the light is off cuz evening shot,,,

the whole view is a bit cluttered than before, but I did my best! 😅


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  • 2 weeks later...


so then,,,shots with light,,,☺️












there r so many changes, even though tiny ones,,,

I changed the 100% water which is from my 5.2gal n cleaned a biopad on last Sunday,,,

I collected sea squirts n sticked those on escargot shell also,,,

 now,,,cloves n buttons look like that need more time to adapt,,,😊



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  • 3 weeks later...


I just forgot a shot of 1 month old,,,so,,,🤣



June 14th 2021








n crab changed new clothing,,,☺️

cloves have some new branch, some new starpolyps also,,,

but buttons r not great,,,dunn know Y,,,🤔 

now I’m preparing something above summer! 


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so, I ordered this after ‘Heat dome’ in June,,,above Summer,,,




but the wheather is normal now,,, even kinda chill here,,,🤣

anyway, I set it up! 



9D0266C8-A871-4DAB-93EC-E3CE447DA0C5.thumb.jpeg.1c7dd8460a16ca88711fa1e15a0c18c7.jpeg 28EAEC64-8AD0-426A-8991-E22622374B3E.thumb.jpeg.da0b9bb70c2f11bc75129821e419d617.jpeg

July 6th 2021


when the hot summer comes, look forward to seeing how it works! 🐶


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I found a starfish like a scrap of thread after cleaning powerhead,,,☺️




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now it’s 2 months old,,,so,,,



July 13th 2021




8FAB6967-49FC-4567-BF94-3675AE66E2B2.thumb.jpeg.bd8d0c1fcb64a87f5552eeba90794ad5.jpeg 76231B88-642F-4703-A731-07B8E329EFF2.thumb.jpeg.2f7f7ba97d2ffb3150dbc0adb2509c70.jpeg 90933E2B-6E7D-4E3E-B38E-F0A92C222EB0.thumb.jpeg.904e3c47785a70e2c26a12a29a55889f.jpeg


yesterday I added red bubble(?) algae from my 5.2gal (inda right pic)





pom pom crab is behind rock as usual,,,🐶


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just some cloves a new face from my 8gal,,,

it’s lil different type from old one,,,





n here summer is not ordinary summer,,,even cold to me that the donut couldn’t be baked,,,

so I got sick,,,hopefully not delta or whatever next,,,🥶

I was skeptical about whether it was okay to continue this hobby for a long time while ‘reef life’,,,

these days it’s getting more bigger ironically n ridiculously,,,like as the weather is getting more and more strange,,,

or just all my greed,,,🤣🤪🙃 kinda dilemma,,, 





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