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2Sunny's 22 gal Fiji Cube :)


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Since I had a 240 for years, I didn't feel this was a place to post, but I've always been a lurker as I love some of the reefs folks here create.  Last year I tried to make a clown harem and ended up with an orphan clown that I felt responsible for so it gave me an excuse to start a nano . . . like I really needed an excuse for another tank Hah!  Just re-aquascaped two days ago and decided to start a journal here amongst all the great nanos and picos.  Anyways, here she is . . . looking forward to seeing it fill in over the years.



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It's a Fiji Cube 22 with dual AI Primes and a Innovative Marine Ghost Skimmer, a filter sock with GAC and GFO, and a biomedia block in the sump. Fish include a Pajama Cardinal, Neon Gobie, and an Ocellaris Clown  plus a Fighting Conch, Emerald Crab, a Peppermint Shrimp, and a Bumble Bee Snail.




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