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rough eye

Evo 13 lighting recommendations?

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rough eye

i finally (after ordering it some time ago) got a 12" actinic strip and plan to add it under the hood along with the stock lights. I have a 2 channel timer with short (15 minute) ranp up and down on each channel. so here are the ways i've considered setting them up, if anyone can suggest other better possibilities please let me know:


i could have the stock lights run for a certain period and then have the actinic come in and take over for a few hours after each evening, or


i could have them both run at the same time, with the stock lightning coming in a few hours later and shutting off a few hours earlier then the actinic. possibility with a reduced intensity for the full spectrum stock lights? if reduced, how much? 70%? 80? 90? 60?


right now i run the stock lights for 9 hours. Should i extend that partied to 10 or 12 and have half of that time be only actinic?


I'd also like to know about gradually acclimating the tank. I thought maybe i'd start with the actinic only at 10% and gradually bring it up to 100% over a couple weeks or more, if necessary. in the mean time i can begin to reduce the duration of the stock lights by 15 minutes every so often.


this is the light i got:




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I am running two of those same LED strips and I have to reduce my stock light about 60 percent when I run them both. 


My lighting schedule

9 to 11 blue strip only

11 to 7 all lights on, I like my tank more white than blue

7 to 9 blue only


Adjust slowly to let your corals acclimate. Reduce if you start seeing too much algae.





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