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New JBJ Deluxes


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The problem is i wnt one soon and not 2 weeks plus shipping.And my LFS refuses to stock them. And so far pet solutions is the only one i have only heard of.

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I'd call the guy (steve) he is very friendly... tell him Jim from Cincinnati refered you.



I ordered a 12 g deluxe from him and pre-ordered my 24 g jbj cube. He also has the cool S-stands!!!


He threw in 10lbs of LR for my 12 g and 20 lbs for my 24 g.




Let me know if anyone decides to use him and how they faired.

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uhm it was either 150 or 165 for the tank. S/H was 30 but that included everything I bought (tank, S-stand, and 10 lbs of LR) so I didn't think it was that bad. Plus I couldn't find anyone who had the deluxe in stock.



Let me know what you guys think ....

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I saw somewhere in another thread asking Nano Deluxe V/S Custom made tank. I think you can be better off building your own IMO.

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