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What size is this tank? Is there a 16gal "Nano" cube?

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Hi everyone!


Things are better now, and I am looking at finally starting a reef tank again (my first ever saltwater tank) ! 😄


I am scouring FB marketplace, and found this tank and stand for $150. Listed for 14 weeks now, seller still has it, dropped price down from $250 to $150. 


The seller says it is 16 gallons, but I can't find any 16 gallon nano cubes on the web. I can find 16 gallon bio cubes, but the nano cubes seem to be 6 gallons, 12 gallons, 24 gallons, or 28 gallons. The label looks like the JBJ nano label as well. 


The seller has not gotten back to me yet about how long they had the tank, or if anything else is included, or the dimensions of the tank, but nano cubes don't come in 16 gallons right like the biocube? So it has to be 12, 24, or 28? 


Also, would you recommend going with a nano cube/bio cube set up over just a regular standard 20 gallon tank (most likely 20 long)? (The limit for my apt is 20 gallons, but if it is a 24 gallon cube I doubt anyone would even realize it, 28 though I would feel like is pushing it). My goal is keeping set up as cheap as possible, but also considering time involved so want it to be lower maintenance and cost effective that way (ie, just getting a refractometer over a hydrometer, getting a decent test kit that isn't a pain to use, etc.) 


Not gonna repurchase another IM 20L tank, trying to go the cheaper route this time around! 


Oh, plans for tank are 2 standard occy clowns (my dream fish, they are so personable and I am a fan of "Nemo" 😛) with soft corals (shrooms, leather toadstool maybe, pom pom xenia, pink star or GSP, etc.), maybe LPS down the line (torch or frogspawn prob), and MAYBE one day 6-8mo+ out (I imagine with upgraded lighting and making sure power heads and what not are covered) try a BTA. 


Thank you in advance! 🙂




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A BTA will fill up pretty much an entire tank anywhere in that size range. Anything under 30 gallons is going to get crammed full of anemone, and is going to be a bit tricky to keep stable with the amount of food that much bioload of anemone will want. 


You'd want to find out what model that tank is, so you can find out what the light will be like. Also bear in mind that upgrading the lighting on a tank with a hood like that is gonna be pretty tricky. 


Either tank would probably work fine for a pair of clowns. Obviously the 20gal gives them more space, but they are a fish that tends to pick a spot to hover around. The 20gal would be of a shape where you might be able to put a BTA and have it only take up half the tank, whereas the cube would have most of its floorspace taken up. Now, that could look nice! 

I, personally, prefer the look of a hooded tank like this over a standard rectangular aquarium. And that's a pretty good price for that setup, if it is a 16gal. You also get the benefit of having a hidden area to keep filter media and whatnot in, and to hide a heater in. AIOs are nice that way.


Basically, it's up to you. I would see if the seller will get back to you about dimensions. Also, ask if any medication was used in the tank- if it was fish-only and they used copper meds, that tank is probably no longer suitable for inverts.

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