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Take out the prefilter sponge in my overflow?


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So I took out the bio-balls like everyone said to but should I be taking out the pre filter sponge in my overflow box? Its a spongey thing that filters particles that go onto the tube piece that drains water into the refugium.


I'd assume you take it off.. but just wondering...



IF SO, w/o bio balls or the sponge how do I filter my water of particles?

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The only thing I have taken out is the crematic rings. I also put in fresh carbon every month or so. I am planning to add a pro skimmer eventually.


Dos anyone know if skilters are worth a crap?

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yeah take out the sponge, they trap detritus and other crap so you will have a nitrate spike, even when you rinse them out there are always some particles left over


you should only have lr rubble in the back compartment

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