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Nano box fan ON 24 hours


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Hi...just wondering, is the fan in nanobox lighting always on all the time ?   I got a used unit and tried it, the fan is on 24 hours and bit loud.   Is that normal ?

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You should be able to adjust it down in the App.  If its a bit loud you may take the cover off and clean out the fan housing, it likes to collect dust which can make it a bit loud. 

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It should turn off when the light is off. Check and see if the lid is rubbing on the fan.. I had a noisy one once but the lid was too tight... I ended up putting a small folded up piece of paper under the lid around the rim to give the fan a bit more space. 

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Doesn’t turn off when the lights off. That’s after the update and I believe the link is expired to update. Fan was loud outside of the case after I replaced it. Just a loud fan. 

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