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Razorwitz's Reef

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Hey all.. After almost 5 years out of the hobby, I'm diving back in.. I've missed my fishes and corals terribly.

Since I'm working from home on a permanent basis now, I thought it would be cool to have a small tank here in my office.. I'll have the time to take care of the tank, and benefit from the relaxing calm that can come from watching a tank.

I really wanted an AIO tank to simplify maintenance and keep equipment sprawl down since it will be on my desk. I initially was considering a 20gal long with a AIO insert, but after doing the math and looking at the benefits, I ended up picking up a JBJ Rimless 20 AIO.


I'm really excited to get things going.. I bought some dry rock, and I'm trying to figure out an aquascape that isn't just a pile of rocks, but I'm finding that's a little difficult in a small cube.. 😞 I ordered some additional flat bottomed base rocks, and that should help a lot. Hopefully I'll get some time this week to finish up the auquascape and I'll be getting things wet next weekend. In the meantime I have a lot of other work and cleaning to do in the office...

I'm glad to be back!

copy2021-04-29 12.32.01.jpg

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Tony Bologna

Welcome back. That is a nice lookig tank. It will be nice to see how things progress.

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