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Bubble Tip Anemone In 24 Gallon?

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Would really love to get a bubble tip, but I know that they can get around 12" in diameter, which would be a large chunk of real estate in my 24 gallon tank. 

Curious what everyone's opinion is. The tank is about 5 months old...I know, I know, you are supposed to wait 6 months. Everything seems stable and all corals are doing well so far.

I do have several corals in the tank already, so I know that they would be at risk until the BTA finds its spot.


Current corals - all still pretty small.

1 Hammer

1 Torch

Several Zoas


1 ricordia mushroom

1 duncan

rock with GSP

1 fuzzy/hairy mushroom

2 birdsnests

1 Monti cap.


Yay or nay on the BTA? What say you? Thanks!

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An RBTA will be perfectly fine in a 24g as long as you are prepared for how big they can get. Usually, they split before they get more than a foot across and you will definitely be pulling out babies at least a few times a year once they are a few years old. If you keep your nem on it's own rock, if they get too big for the tank and don't split, you can always sell the nem and buy a smaller one.


One thing you need to be extremely careful about when you have a bigger anemone in a small tank is flow - you want to make sure that the flow isn't pushing the anemones tentacles into other corals.


Plenty of people slap BTAs into nearly brand new tanks and are occasionally successful with it, but it makes things much harder and drastically increases the chances your anemone is going to be unhappy and be constantly on the move. As your tank matures and goes through ecological succession, your nutrients and organics are kind of all over the place and nems don't like that. I personally suggest waiting a year in a tank started with dry rock, but if you know what you are doing and don't mind the strong possibility of a walkabout or just letting go (especially with small nems) you can make it work. If you started with good live rock and didn't have a lot of die off, you are probably good to go already.


I wrote this not too long ago for how to get your new anemone where you want it to be.


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Thanks for the info! Appreciate it!

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They are fine in a 24g but expect that they can grow fairly quickly and split.


I had 2 in a 20g, 1 grew very large very quickly, the other 1 grew quickly and spit out about 4-5 babies.


I had to remove them because they were getting too large for my other corals.

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