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Norma-Jane Maxwell

Settings for Steve’s LED upgrade for bio 32

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Norma-Jane Maxwell


I installed the Steve’s upgrade over a month ago.  I do not think that I have the settings correct for the Hurricane x control.

I have gone on u-tube, forums etc. but they all seem to talk about % which I think applies to San older control system.

I have open several tickets with Steve’s but have not heard a response.

I have fish and corals in the tank (obviously or I wouldn’t have upgraded 😁), and having GHA growth.

I have increased H2O changes, but feel my white/blue is wrong.

can anyone help me with settings?  It will greatly appreciated!


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So what exactly are you looking for as far as answers ? 


 Are corals not growing,is coloration off ect ect ? 


 If you have gha parameters could be off. That could contribute to bad coral growth coloration and explain the algae. 

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For the hurricane controller you determine the percentage intensity on each channel by diving the setpoint value by 4095.  So if you have a channel set at 1200 then to get the percentage you divide 1200/4095=29.3% intensity.  Hope that helps.  

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