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Hi there,


I'm starting over again. been gone for the past several years. 


Simple is a simple does.

Back in the fray. A nice little Nano build, after 10 year slumber, starting with the Fluval Evo XII- Like the system. Had Biocubes, thought this might be a nice change.

Gonna put two Clownfish, Softies, LPS, small cleaner crew, when needed, maybe a shrimp (Pistol

Start with the basic mods before filling it up.
Cisse -Syncra 1.0 pump plus two RFG to create better flow.
InTank 1st chamber- Carbon and Mechanical filtration.
Chamber 2 - (Plug the hole) - MarinePure media- possible Refug in the future, more mechanical.
Chamber 3- cobalt Neo 50W heater.
Stock light but gonna add 2 Blue strip lights, balance out tank a little.

10lbs Fiji Live sand thin bed - Have a few pieces of seeded LR so just add the Life Rock to scape the tank, Dr, Tim to start the cycle (short cycle).

What you think? What Salt do you use for your water and water changes?

What you think?

Add a shroom, torch and tiny Zoa on day 4
Add more zoa and a hammer day 12 pending test readings
Add Clownfish day 21.
An Acan or Blasto, more zoa day 30.

Just a start, what did I miss?



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Hi Rich, welcome back!


On 4/21/2021 at 2:20 PM, Rangers32466 said:

What Salt do you use for your water and water changes?

I'm on a budget, so I'm just using Reef Crystals.  It's good enough for my purposes.  For a little more, I'd actually prefer

They are both practically identical.  Of course you'll get as many answers to this question as the number of people you ask.

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