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rough eye

Help Me Plan My Nano Reef

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rough eye

ok, so my plan so far: 


GSP on back wall and a small island of it in a front corner.

A bed of florida ricordea around rocks.

a really nice looking green toadstool i'd like to put up on a rock possibly as a sort of centerpiece. If placed no center rock it would be about 6 - 8" from surface of water.


what i'll end up with is an empty long rock (to left in photo) that reaches up to 4" from the surface (i think), as well as a lower rock (to right) that's about 8" from surface. So i'll need to think of high light, high flow corals. I've been leaning toward just sticking with softies because I'd like to avoid any kind of dosing and chasing numbers. I have been avoiding zoas up until now because seems they're so ubiquitous, but i might put a couple varieties on that higher rock if there are no better ideas. i had also considered sinularia or naphthea, or something that branches.


And i'm not sure if i should make any moves until i eradicate hair algae, or if that's completely unrealistic. it's been weakening with water changes and (some of it) pulls out easier and seems i'm starting to get some clear areas.






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I would get as much GHA out as possible first and get enough snails to keep it at bay. It's a nightmare when it starts to grow on and around frag plugs... Trust me 

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