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[Help] Jebao sw2 pump - reduced flow every 2-3 days

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Hi Forum,


I have had a Jebao sw2 pump for 1 year, and am pretty happy with it. I have used the constant high flow setting. I clean the pump every week or two.


In the last 2-3 months, it starts to have reduced flow randomly and it happens every 2 or 3 days. The flow becomes so low that it barely does anything, although the propeller is still rotating. All I need to do is to unplug and plug the power back in, and it will return back to normal flow. And then after a few days, it happens again.


I wonder if this is a sign that this pump, or its part, is failing? Has anyone also experienced this on SW2 or other pumps? Anything I can do to fix it?




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I had the same issue.


First started with reduced flow at random times every few days.


I'd stop it for a few mins then turn it back on.it would work fine again until a few days.


It eventually got to the point of going from every few days, to every day, to every few hours and the flow was reduced so much there was barely any movement.


This happened to 2 of mine used in different tanks.


I had warranty through the store and sent them back.


I stay away from jebao now. If i had not had a return pump and relied on my wavemaker- everything would have died from lack of flow.

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