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Craig's 25g Nano

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Hey Reefers


Having realised that I enjoy nano reefs more than any of my larger tanks, I've started a build based on a Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25. Having sold off my larger tank and equipment, I've only kept my 4 favourite fish, shrimps and snails to make the transition fairly easy.


Yesterday, the tank passed its first water test.




While I'd like to orient the tank peninsula-style, finding a cabinet / furniture is troublesome. So instead I've chosen to simply leave a bit of space behind the tank so that it looks open and I can clean the back pane quite easily. Of course, once I filled the tank I realised that the cabinet wasn't stable enough for my taste, so I spent the afternoon creating a bracket solution to firmly anchor it to the wall.


The tank has since been filled.




And the livestock has been moved over.



Since this is basically an insta-tank, I've kept one fairly decent piece of mature live rock, as well as the Maxspect bio blocks from my previous system (cut down to fit in the middle filter compartment). In a few months, both will be removed.


Current equipment list:

Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25

Tunze Silence 1073.008 return pump. This is quiet, not silent. It's much better than the Hidom pump Waterbox supplies, which is basically a piece of junk,

Jebao SOW-4 for temporary circulation. Will be replaced.

AquaEL 150w heater (Neotherm equivalent).

D-D PP1 Pro single channel doser for All For Reef (kept from previous system, not yet in use).

Temporary light.


Still deciding (input welcome!):

Lighting: XR15 Pro - need to have a closer look at the RMS bracket as it may be a little bulky. Hydra 32 brackets may be a better solution.

ATO:  Tunze Osmolator 3155, D-D H2Ocean Compact (really a SmartAqua) or a Reefloat Pro4. The Osmolator is bulky, the D-D doesn't have audible alerts when the reservoir runs dry and the Reefloat looks a bit messy when attached to the tank.

Circulation: MP10, Nero 3 or a Gyre. MP10 has the least flexible mounting options in this style tank, but has easy battery backup.

Return: I may swap the Tunze for a DC pump.


On order:

Tunze 9001 DC skimmer.

Tunze 9001 3D-printed mounting bracket.

15l fresh water reservoir.

InTank media basket for chamber 1.

D-D Jumpguard.


Future equipment:

ApexEL or Profilux 4e. I enjoy automation / monitoring.

May add a Tunze MAR 3181. Could be fun to see how an algae reactor performs on a system this size, and this one can be mounted in the cabinet.

Cooling fans.



Pair of clowns.

Springer's Damsel.

Royal Gramma.

Cleaner shrimp.

Peppermint shrimp.

Blue starfish (which had hidden itself in the rockwork).

Too many Trochus snails, a couple Cerith and Nassarius.


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