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Photos of 3 x 24 Nano Cube


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Today, its been about 3.0 deg above ambient. Without the third, I was staying around 0.8 to 1.5 above ambient. The heat shield needed to be reshaped to fit the third light.


IMHO i think running at about 76 F is fine for now, but we'll have to see what happens come summer.


The LED is a coralife 3/4 watt aqualight.

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DO you have a pic of this over your tank and lit up?? I m making a decision on either getting the new cube DX light or doing somehting like this....how much did this cost you???

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Haha... Long story.. I got flamed to death for being an idiot and putting a small chocolate yellow there. In my gallery are 3 pics, you really can't tell the difference b/c i think my camera has automatic w/b.


It cost me about 100 extra in extra parts when you factor in the extra bulb/ballast from JBJ. I upgraded fans, added 2 new fans, modified heat shield.


Will upload pics when i have dialed in my camera.



Please.. no more flaming. Im getting a bigger tank....

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