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Help me set up my 170 reefer

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Hi everyone,

Im a total beginner and I wanted to start a reef with the red sea reefer 170 and Reef 90 LED. But what do I have to add now, I dont know what components I have to buy to have a fully working reef. What is the best filter and so on? Please help me make a nice reef set. PS: something thats good for corrals, that I can have a big spectrum 😄


Thank you very much.

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At the bare minimum - you'll need a heater (unless you're in hot climate, then you need a fan and a basic temp controller - a heater usually has basic internal thermostat that should work under most cases) and a return pump.  


next stop will be the wave/flow pump(s)


everything above and beyond that are dependant on your livestocks and general maintenance/husbandry expectations.



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