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Micro-Reefs Aquariums

Micro-Reefs Aquariums (Short-Bio How, When, Why did we become who we are today?)

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Micro-Reefs Aquariums

Hi Reefers,


I feel that every reefer has a short story to tell, who influenced him/her and how he/she got inspired to venture into saltwater reefing.  The rest is history, as once the reef bug bites you, I am afraid you are forever bonded into the salt water world we call reefing!


I will try to keep this short and to the point, as this story has has a wonderful recognition to someone super special to me, that allowed me to open Micro-Reefs LLC in California in 2011.  But before I go there let me briefly take you back to the year 1991, where were you in that year?


I was 21 years old, and in my last year of University in the SF Bay Area, UC Berkeley.   I was out of the dorms and had my own apartment with some room mates and I wanted to get an aquarium, but not just any aquarium, I wanted a saltwater aquarium.  Drove my bicycle downtown to the city of Oakland CA, and purchase my very first TruVu Acrylic 10 gallon aquarium, black background, with rounded edges.  I was instantly drawn to the clarity and the touch of acrylic on my fingers, as I rolled them across the rounded corners.  Back then, it was under gravel filter plates and two powerheads.  I will never ever forget the sticker that said TruVu aquariums, I was in love that day, and forever in love with acrylic design. 


Many aquariums came and went, glass and then back to acrylic, but since I couldn't get the same feeling as that 1st day, when I touched that acrylic rounded edges and my heart melted, you see reefers glass just couldn't do that.  


Fast forward to April 2006, I had to get another TruVu aquarium, this time they had the Micro series 6 gallon AIO Aqua System with matching black base and canopy, wow!  I was back in heaven, I built the thread here on nanoreef and as the thread grew, it took notice to the owner of TruVu aquariums, Scott Clark thanks to google search engine!  During a visit down to his shop, I had ordered the base and canopy to my system.  We met and I feel he saw a spark of energy and love that I had for small aquariums.


Because of Scott, he inspired me to open up my own aquarium business, I would design what I wanted and he would fabricate them for me under my company label. He told me everything I needed to get started with the business.  In 2011, I filed the paper work in the city of Hayward, CA, Micro-Reefs LLC was born.


For the next two years, TruVu manufactured my line of aquariums and I showed the very first cold water system using the Novatec ice-probes to keep a temperate 55F degrees systems at the reefapalooza in 2012 with Cold Water Marine Aquatics, then owned and operated by co-founders Josh Groves and Stu Wobbe.   It was one of my most memorable, nostalgic times in my life to be part of.  I had designed and maintained a temperate aquarium successfully without the aid of a compressed chiller, I was the new talk that year and got a small online article regarding that build from Reef Builders. 


Right around the end of 2013, TruVu relocated to Arizona, and my line of aquariums came to an end.  I later self taught myself to work with acrylic via Tap Plastics in San Leandro, and continued making my own line of small aquariums.  Micro-Reefs LLC in California was officially closed in 2016 when I moved to Florida and reopened the business under Micro-Reefs Aquariums, and well, here I am today just as excited as I was in 2011, when the legendary Scott Clark gave me all the guidance, support, motivation that a entrepreneur needs to ignite and clear the runway to hit flying altitude and sore to his greatest dreams and passion.


This bio of mine, was long overdue and credit has to go to TruVu Aquariums, Scott Clark, to me a father, I never had in terms of believing in some reefer on nanoreef, named Mike Guerrero to take his biggest dream and run with it.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, Scott you are an inspiration to me!


Dreams do really come true in America thanks to every reefer that has ever benefitted from any of my threads or supported me with the purchase of one of our tanks/sumps/refugiums, you are also part of our story.  We continue to design and build small acrylic aquariums because of you!




Mike Guerrero


Micro-Reefs Aquariums LLC

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Cool story! 

I really enjoy the Micro-Reefs tank I bought last year.

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" He told me everything I needed to get started with the business..." wow, amazing Man. Thanks for sharing your story Mike, appreciate it! 

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He forgot to tell you that your website should have a way to shop to see products for sale and prices to buy them.  Nice looking tank, but I can't figure out if it's a business or a college project for yourself. 


I clicked the link on your signature



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My dad always had big old 200 gal tropical discus tanks.


I have never not had a tank in my house. About 15 years ago moved to chiclid brackish tank which didn't last long before I moved to FOWLR. Which really got me looking at some of the worms and hitchhikers.. wanting more of that and less fish 😂


Around 6 years ago dropped my first coral into a tank, but it wasn't until I went to Egypt and went snorkelling in the red sea thats when things really kicked off. It made me see the real wonder if the life in the sea first hand...now I just work to buy coral 🤣🤣

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