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what size hose for Refugium


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I am finally going to do this and setup a Refugium

I have two powerheads that return 400gph aqua clear 802

I like to know what size tubing I need for the water coming down from the tank to match at least the power heads in flow


Tank is a 20 long and its 3 1/2 feet below the main tank

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I dont understand what you mean

I just want to get a hose that will deliver about 350 to 400 gph to the bottom tank with out the help of any pump just by gravity


At the bottom tank I will have the two return pumps sending up a total according to the pumps specs about 800gph


If one of the pumps was to fail Iwould still be ok with one only it would still send up at least 400gph insteadof 800gph

Plus the water in the upper tank would stop flowing down since the flow would be broken by air in the intake tube sending water down


does my idea sound ok

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it will not work. period.


say you have 2 pumps that push 100gph into the main tank each. that means that you MUST have a gravity flow of 200gph down to the sump to equilize the water levels at all times. if you lose one pump, then you will only have 100gph going into the main tank, but STILL 200gph coming down. you will flood in no time. so then say you wait til the siphon breaks and it wont flood, well thats good, because your sump wont flood, but instead that one good pump will put all the water from the sump into your main tank flooding that.


the idea will not work. you can only have 1 return pump for the sump.


you also are not considering that those powerheads will not flow 400gph at 3.5 feet of head height. that will probably cut the flow in half, maybe more.....

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erm what a load of crock.

as long as his sump can take the excess water when the power goes it'll all be fine. as long as either pumps runs there will be constant flow. granted DON'T use and overflow box!. Use either a Drilled bulkhead or botton drilled overflows with pipes that are level with the water!. Pumps should pump back to the tank with either a air gap between return connections or a one way valve.



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I thought my idea was well thought out

I figure the same what are the chances that two Powerheads can go bad at the same time


I also figure that if I put a U shape tube on the left hand side and make that one the one going down and secure a hose to it


then on the right hand side of the tank two U shape hoses with the power haeds shooting up I should be fine


In the event that power failed ,the hose on the left that shoots water down would stop once it was above water line in the tank about two inches I figure 2 gallons of water would go down to the sump

As far as the power heads taking all the water out of the sump impossiable since in my plans for the sump only the section of the sump where the power are would empty out which would be two gallons ( sure the powerheads would run hot but they could be replaced

As far as the refugien it would stay full an no water loss

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