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JBJ 15 gal Rimless AIO

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I have been put of the hobby for close to 7 years. I am starting up a new 15 gal tank from JBJ. 



Ai prime 16HD

JBJ 15 gal rimless

Eheim heater 75 watts

Platinum DC slim 1600 wavemaker

Aquamaxx dry rock and seed rock from LFS

Coarse sand

Brightwell Aquatics microBacter starter XLM


Eventual livestock:

Clean up crew


Goby - TBD

Cleaner shrimp


Eventual corals:

Acans, and probably a lot of them....

Mostly softies

A couple chalices

Maybe Sps if I am feeling brave


Now we wait for it to cycle...


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Looks great!  Im running the 10 gallon version of this and love it.  


Good luck with the build

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How is the tank now?

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