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Is my anemone dead?

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Tank 13.5

.25 ammonia 

0 on nitrate and nitrite 

temp 78

tank 3 months old 

2 clowns 

1 diamond spotted (the devil and hate him) goby

5 snails

1 cleaner shrimp 


i think I starved it, was feeding reefroids once a week. Last week it turned this purple and wasn’t inflating. I got a shrimp and spot feed it, it ate the small piece of shrimp. It hasn’t recovered back to normal since. The attached picture was after I removed it from the rock to smell if dead, no it just smelled like salt water. Idk what to do. I upgraded the pump for better flow and light. I started (after I saw he was sick) doing some iodine drops, read it’s good for zoa. Question or advice, how can I bring it back? Or should I just remove? And not buy another one till I am ready? 

idk looking forward guidance I will admit I failed it 


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Tanks too young for an anemone and nitrates aren't supposed to be zero

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Okay, so with those facts, should I just take it out? And let it die, or do you have any actual advice? 

It moved off that perch, so it is active 

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Aside from the tank being too new. It looks  starved too. Aside from being deflated It appears to be absorbing the tenticles for nutrients. Saving it will be difficult especialy in a tank that new. I would feed it daily possibly more with some meaty foods and make sure fish stay off of it while its eating. These nems need meaty foods.

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It could be the ammoni present in the tank. At 3 months there shouldn't be ammonia.

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