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Ordered first sps, shipping delayed, will it survive? // 1 head of Walt Disney


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Ordered my fist sps and decided to go with something higher end but not crazy. Looks like its delayed a day so far, hopefully that's all, just wondering if you guys think it has a better chance of bleaching, or making it. 




( Edit ), Got it today, yall think its going to make it? looks okay by me, How long should I keep it in lower light?




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But in all seriousness, it really depends on the shipping conditions and how healthy the frag was before being shipped. Some coral are more tolerant of shipping than others, but unfortunately, acros are the most temperamental when it comes to just about everything. Did you check the shipping/return/DOA policy of the online vendor before you purchased the coral? Some are pretty good, some basically wash their hands of any and all problems once the coral is boxed up and out of their door.


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