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Dennerle Nanocube 30L/8gal      New Set up 03/16/2021

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Hi, everyone!👋🏻


I’m back again,

I was just looking for a perfect LED for my new tank n came to here.😅

I almost forgot informations I learned here,,,tooooo long long time ago.🤣 

I'm glad here is still a nice place.


While I'm here, I'm going to share my new tank.

It’s just 1week old today.



- Dennerle Nanocube 30L/8gal  (without sump like I always do)


- Setup Date : March 16th 2021


- Live sands(Nature’s Ocean) 9kg, Real rocks(dry ones) 3.5kg, Sea water


- Light : 7w 4 colors LED(Twinstar Light, 7500K) ↓ upgraded ↓

               AQUA MEDIC Qube 30 (03/27/2021) 


- Skimmer : Bubble Magus Typ QQ-1 Hang On (03/26/2021)


- Filter 2w waterflow filter(Dennerle)  ↓ upgraded ↓

                Eheim Skim 350 (5w, added Nitrax + bioCarb, 03/30/2021)


- Heater : Eheim 25w   →  Nano ThemoCompact 25w → Nano ThemoCompact 50w (Dennerle, 05/10/2021)


- Sub equipment : Refill Fix (AQUA MEDIC, 04/08/2021)

                                  PRO TEMP Cooler X 200 (JBL, just for a case of summer)


- Maintenance  change 10% water monthly  every 2weeks after 1 month old

                               change  filter media monthly  frequently

                               clean skimmer monthly   


- Feeding :  Brine shrimp plus flakes + Prime reef flakes (Ocean Nutrition) 

                     Brined shrimp Plus Formula(Frozen, Ocean Nutrition)


- Coral 

                   yellow leather (03/20/2021)

                   metallic star polyps (03/20/2021)

                   leptastrea (03/23/2021)

                   pom pom xenia (03/23/2021)

                   3 × acan (03/27/2021)

                   2 × mushroom (04/01/2021)

                   1 × tridacna maxima (04/28/2021) → accidentally broken,,,

                   blastomussa (05/03/2021)

                   1 × seriatopora (05/03/2021)

                   2 × seriatopora bird (05/03/2021)

                   1 × snakelocks anemone (05/04/2021)

                   cloves (05/22/2021)

                   blue sea squirt (05/22/2021)

                   button polyps (05/26/2021)


- Fish :

                   2 × percular (03/17/2021, 05/22/2021)

                       → 2 but 1 missing after 7days, I found him on floor of kitchen 3days after missing, ‘Miraculous Death’

                            n added baby 1 again

                   1 × black saddleback (04/13/2021)  → ‘Miraculous Death’ on 3rd day


- Invert :

                   2 × sexy shrimp (03/19/2021)

                   2 × snail (03/19/2021)

                   2 × unknown starfish(with yellow leather)

                   1 × tuxedo urchin (04/21/2021)

                   1 × blue legs hermit crab (04/28/2021)


Algae :    2 types red macroalgae (03/19/2021)




n I’m wating for a skimmer n wavemaker, it’s delayed cuz corona.







a shot of my tank

March 22th  2021





March 26th 2021




Thank for visit my Journal,

Any advice is welcome,

n Stay safe All with Happy reef life~🙏🏻




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On the way to buy water for skimmer, I brought,,,🤪



leptastreapom pom xenia
March 24th 2021



So there is some change in the layout,

but skimmer is still,,,😂

Is the first one ‘’leptastrea’?!!! btw


after then, I gotta shock when I woke up inda morning. 😱🥶😱🥶😭





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refresh my mind after shocking,,,

I’m now considering this lamp to add or change only this one.

If there is used one then better but I can’t find,,,😅

How about it? There is no post for it.

or any other recommendations instead of this? ☺️ 








ya,,,skimmer is yet,,,🙃



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Now it starts to boil and just needs to be cooked.



I used to use ‘Prism’, this is brand new for me,,,

I just hope it works well?🙏🏻

Do I need a air wood for air-in? btw 🤔



The wavemaker isn’t installed, I tried it but it’s too strong for 8gal.

I expected lil stronger than normal, that’s why I choose ‘2000’.

I was wrong and it should be downgraded,,,as ‘1000’

another waiting time,,,again,,,🤣



Thank for Viewing, any advice is more thankful~😉



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Your boiling the equipment in hot water?

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@Murphych , it’s kinda metaphor about skimming,,,😆 

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How’s all you guys going on weekend? ☺️


My weekend is,,,




↑↑↑ There is 1 question!







The packaking of corals is too poor, especially right one. 🤨 






and here are some pics,

it gonna be different looking after changing the new light,,,so,,,



March 26th 2021




Have a nice weekend! 😊

p.s (+b)×2 🙃


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woah... some of your xenia's twist while puslating. i've never seen that before. that's really cool. did you end up getting the lomini light? I have the P30 for my 10gal and i'm loving it for the price. 

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@jarviz, Thanks, and check the first pic of my last reply! 😉

Lominie isn’t good for me, cuz not enough space for that,

even no option inda local shop where I used to go...

I got only 3 options there as AI 16HD, Fluval Nano 30 n last one what I picked!🤣

Did you find a wavemaker for yours btw? 

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I installed new light yesterday, it’s totally different colors from previous.

where is gone my yellow leather?!? 😆





March 28th 2021

(shot under AQUA MEDIC Qube 30 ‘W’ channel 5)




I got some issue still, 

finding the channel of light, wavermaker, sloving tiny bubbles from skimmer,,,


Skimmer is woking good except for a tiny issue,,,btw ☺️





n maybe it seems impracticable to install a wavemaker in my tank,,

I can’t find it as good one.

anyone can help my issues?! 🧐




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14 hours ago, awakedॢ said:

@jarviz, Thanks, and check the first pic of my last reply! 😉

Lominie isn’t good for me, cuz not enough space for that,

even no option inda local shop where I used to go...

I got only 3 options there as AI 16HD, Fluval Nano 30 n last one what I picked!🤣

Did you find a wavemaker for yours btw? 

I ended up settling on the hygger mini wavemaker; i really like the quality, size, and controls for the price. i had a hydor 240 and jebao right before and wasn't really liking those. 

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@jarviz, thank for sharing.

I guess, there is no wavemaker what I’m looking for.

so,,, I’m considering another way to reinforce of water flow. 🤔

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Tony Bologna

I'm using a cicce voyager nano 1000 in my 10 gallon. I think it is perfect for a small aquarium. It is small, quiet, efficient, and provides gentle flow.

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@Tony Bologna, thank for sharing! 😊

 I have new Sicci Voyager nano ‘2000’ (3w) without returning cuz annoying. What a waste~🤣

It was completely overturned once in testing anyway,,,

ya, I considered it but there seems to be no difference between 1000(2.8w) n 2000.

so,,,I think I need an alternative other than a wavemaker.



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just shots of macro algae,,,n,,,


March 29th 2021





need to organize wires after changing motor




As the skimmer stabilized, air bubbles entering the tank from there almost disappeared.

I’ll have to watch it a little more,,,🙂


I was looking for a wavmaker these few days cuz the stream is kinda weak,

but there seems to be nothing suitable.

So,,,I’m considering taking out Dennerle filter n changing it

to Eheim skim 350(5w) + Hydor Flo 360° Rotating Water Deflector.

I guess,,,wouldn't that be one stone two?!?

 such as water flow reinforcement and oil film removal,,,

I have no idea how strong it will be,,,still,,,🤔

Any advice for this? Anyone? 👋🏻



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@Ratvan, thanks! 

I checked the link, it’s a quite good pump(4w).

If I just take only a pump not wavemaker then Eheim skim 350(5w) + Hydor Flo 360° Rotating Water Deflector is better for me. or mount with flow bar I have without rotator(cuz big),,,

n it’s gonner be only 1 flow pump inda tank, so timer thing is unlikely to be suitable.😉

I should make a decision quickly, 2weeks have passed with weakness flows.




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p.s I installed Eheim skim 350 inda my freshwater tank first for testing,

It was so good, but my favorite male guppy,,,😂


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just some pics,,, brought last weekend,,,








March 31th 2021

(shots under AQUA MEDIC Qube 30 ‘W’ channel 2)



I feed the flakes to Acan this evening, they ate very well.

However, I intend to feed ‘Reef-Roids’.

Last time I stopped at the shop there wasn't it.


n Eheim Skim 350 is working so good in every way. 😍



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some updated,,,








n something else is going on,,,



April 1st 2021

(but not lie 🤗)



p.s All my pics can be enlarged.





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I’m so busy to cleaning these days,,,even with a rounded magnetic cleaner.








It’s hard to clean the top n bottom of edge, so I use a sponge on tweezers there.









In particular, gently wipe the bottom part so that sands don’t fly.

It’s just working on very lightly algae, so daily job!

Cleaner has any problem anyway,,,🤗



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Here r some pics of my invertebrates.




March 25th 2021

It’s different kind of snails,

the left one spurts it as white n the right one spruts it as yellow.





April 2nd 2021

Can you see the sexies?!

n there is one of hitch hiker very next star polyps also.

The snail inda pic is always an extra role of my most pics, btw ☺️




n eating flakes,,,



April 2nd 2021

Can you see flakes in their mouths?! ☺️



I need some stuffs like coral food, dropper, refill fix, etc.

but it’s selling here n there.🤣

Should I order each one separately here n there?!? 

It’s annoying for me n for sellers also,,,I guess,,,

 in addition to some stuffs what I really need r in my home of homeland.

then should I oder it home?!?

I don’t like internet shopping however. 😝







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some pics after mostly done,,,maybe,,,🙃




April 2nd 2021







I fixed the leather to the  branch rock I brought in lsat time with a cable tie

and put it on the back wall.

It snowed here today, indeed. ☃️

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some .gif update,,,



April 8th 2021




Even though some of the brown algae is turning pale green, everything is doing well.

All my tanks need a little replenish water, but I didn’t oder some stuffs yet.

something like this,,,




too annoying to order just only 1 item,,,even have to join membership!!! 🤣




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It’s was morning’s updates, n now afternoon’s,,,

(way too much?! 😆 I didn’t expect neither)








There was the Refiil kit inda local shop I used to go.

I’ve just installed it, n it added 0.8L water at once. 😝

n then something happened,,,




Is this snail reef safe? right??? n ID??? 


I saw this at first moment when I brought the xenia,

It was about 3mm at that moment, so I kept it. 

I’ve never seen it till this afternoon. It’s now double size.

After installation a kit, this snail spout amounts of egg several times.

n then a percula was excited and ate it like crazy. 🤪

I’m happy too anyway~😊



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