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Post your Metal Halide light


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JsL, yes my 14k bulb is made by Hamilton.... and yes i do run actinics, but since i have an older fixture, it's equipped with 2- 20watt NO actinics. when the 175w halide is on at full intensity, the weak actinics are completely drowned out. they make no difference whatsoever once the halide bulb is on. they're pretty much just for the dawn/dusk thing. i might eventually rig it up to house 2 65w pc actinics. but i'm happy for now.

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keep in mind that a camera can't capture the glittering shimmer that a halide produces. they actually look a lot nicer in person. as far as where to get the fixtures, they are available from an infinite number of reputable online retailers. you can even keep an eye on the classified section to see if you can get a used set-up from a fellow reefer for a decent price. and you can check out ebay, cause there's always metal halide fixtures for sale there. if you're really handy, you can build your own.

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classifieds section of nano reef or reefcentral. i guarentee you won't find a better deal.


just buy a new bulb if the one you get is more than a few months old.

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